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Bobby Aherne

I am a highly-activecritically-approved musician/songwriter/producer/sound-designer, appropriately based in Temple Bar's 'Music Hall' (Dublin, Ireland). I hold a B.A. degree in Music Technology and English, and I've been a part of a number of musical acts, including Grand Pocket Orchestra, Ginnels, Women's Christmas, Dublin Duck Dispensary & Paddy Hanna.

With my own pet project, No Monster Club, my bandmates and I have toured across Europe/the USA, and released music on record labels based in such far-flung places as New York City, Chicago, Arizona, London, Belfast, Dublin, Sydney, Madrid & Rome. Our music has been broadcast by the likes of BBC, RTE, TV3, TG4, Today FM, 98FM, Spin FM, WFMU and TXFM, and we've attracted support from personalities as diverse as John Hodgman, Jeffrey Lewis and Jedward (and they're just the ones filed under 'J'...!).

I am also the resident sound-designer at the National Leprechaun Museum, and I've contributed music to brand campaigns for the likes of Skullcandy and Virgin Media, in addition to movies such as 'NOW' (Riley Blakeway, 2010), 'Famous Nathan' (Lloyd Handwerker, 2014), 'Pussywillow Dirtbags' (Pedro Delbrey, 2015) and 'The Middle Finger' (Séamus Hanly, 2016). I specialise in theme tunes, jingles and incidental music - most recently for popular podcast The Alison Spittle Show, and forthcoming radio series 'The Captain' (Ocean FM). I am also a card-carrying member of Ireland's celebrated Popical Island collective.

I can create sound and/or music to fit any script or visual - be it for a theatrical performance, video game, radio show, movie or advertisement. I'm flexible, friendly and astute, and I'm always available for a no-obligation chat about any good idea.

- - -

"The mad scientist of Irish indie-pop... one of the most inventive and unpredictable acts on the Irish music scene" - The Last Mixed Tape

"Unfettered, unafraid, purely wonderful (pure and wonderful)." - Everett True

"Easily one of the most reliable, inventive and brilliant bands in Ireland." - Barry Gruff

"Bobby Aherne may be one of the most prolific Irish songwriters around, but his quality control remains assured." - The Irish Times

"No one does Irish DIY indie-pop quite like Bobby Aherne." - Nialler9





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